Frau Komarek

Eine Sendung für offene Ohren der eklektischen Musik ohne Begrenzungen und Genres. Eine Oase der Kostbarkeiten fernab dem Massengeschmack


Tracklist 06.07.11

Where Do I Go From You?, Trembling Bells
The Million-Year Picnic (Marsden Version), Nash The Slash
World War 1, B.I.L.L.
First Box Then Walk, Oy
The Thrower, B.I.L.L.
combineharvester shiny,
Transition, Rutman’s Steel Cello Ensemble feat. Ginsberg, Hentz & Irmler
A_2_Zigitros_Wondering White,
Vogelgrippe, Elektro Guzzi
Racing Snake, Red Snapper
A_4_Doomenfels_Mushroom Visions,
Electronic Mist, T.Bird
A_5_Mr.Soul_Yes You’re Right,
Two Minutes, Wire
A_6_Zumaboost Burning Cars,
Lightness, Jeff Aug
B_1_The Legendary Lightness_Down At River Sound,
Lover’s Talk, Christy & Emily And Band
B_2_Yakari_Beach, Beach,
Aliase, Moebius
B_3_Teen Majestic_Stacking Rocks,
Calling Apples, Gudrun Gut
B_4_Combineharvester_That’s How It Goes,
Kostüme gereinigt, Felix Kubin
A_1_Yuri Member_The Revenge Of The Lawn,
Wir verlassen die Erde, Die Goldenen Zitronen
B_5_Fai Baba_Ocean’s Child,
Plurabelle, Micronormous
Erlangen, Limpe Fuchs
Bad Klang In A Thunder, Z’ev with The.Bänd
Ambulance Music, Audiac
Soul Lam Plearn, The Petch Phin Thong Band
Willie Mictchell / Groovin’, Various
‘Til Death Do Us Part, Nash The Slash

Tracklist 18.05.11

Dirge, Death In Vegas
The Lack Of The Key, Bulbul
GBH, Death In Vegas
Chi’en, Qa’a
Time is Key, Qa’a
Dirt, Death In Vegas
Stainlees, Knalpot
Sailors Don`T Need No Umbrella, Bulbul
Blau, Blau, Bulbul/Wolf Lobo Eisberg
Clubman, Bulbul
Kasakka, Bolschewistische Kurkapelle Schwarz-Rot

Tracklist 27.04.11

Chi’en, Qa’a
Time is Key, Qa’a
Puzzle, Wanderlust
Not with the son, Janosch Moldau
Second Best.Extended Mix, Janosch Moldau

Tracklist 06.04.11

Pitter Patter Panther, The Chadbournes
Hellno, The Residents
Manipulation, The Black Angels
Post Res Tarantella Pt.1, Pendler
I Predict, Pressurehed
Hyperbolic, Pendler
Black Neoprene, Pendler
Die Jagd Auf Das Aschenbrödel I, Karel Svoboda
Cannibal Twist, Messer Chups
Too Huge, Pendler
Post Res Tarantella Pt.2, Pendler
Inland Empire, Pendler
Hackpattern, Pendler
The New Seeker, Clinic
One Step Away, Pendler
Cleo Au Trapeze, Yann Tiersen
La Ronde De L’amour, Anton Karas And Others
We Went, Pendler
Copying Is a Criminal Act (Live), Negativland
Esperanto, Suely E Os Kantikus
Karate, The Bedwells
Lo Chiamavano Bulldozer: Just A Good Boy, Oliver Onion’s e Artisti vari
Reverberation, The Jesus and Mary Chain
Cover Girl, Michael Cox
Tube Test, FM Einheit + Irmler
Sponge [A], Stock, Hausen, And Walkman
Love Calls You By Your Name, Leonard Cohen
Kawliga, Unknown
Fury Of The Wolfman, Strobe Talbot
Devil Got My Woman, Skip James
A Little Night Music, To Rococo Rot
Titel 08, KK Null
The Flying Car, Adventures Of Parsley
Sick Fuck, Xtatika
Zig Zag Wanderer, Captain Beefheart And His Magi
Cut down a tree, Seduce the child, Burn out the house, Messer Chups
Paper Sun, Traffic
Jump Time, Jean Houston
Kinder Des Alles [1], Cosmic Jokers

Tracklist 02.03.11

You Rub Me the Wrong Way, Road
Unprepared Piano, Coil
See Emily Play, David Bowie
You’re a Martian/Home, The Residents
GunGodGame, Alan Vega
Language Is a Virus, Laurie Anderson
Sessomatto “Do You Think I’m Sexy Mix”, Claudio Coccoluto
Life, The Residents
Marching to the Heartbeats, Cult of Luna
Fish, Jahcoozi
Lord 13, Monster Magnet
Arbory Hill, Negativland
Pilgrimage, Om
Taboo, The Cramps
Golden Rings, Christy & Emily
‘For Your Ears Only’: The Man With The Golden Arm, Barry Adamson
Guava Tree, Christy & Emily
Kings & Monsters, Christy & Emily
Minnesota Man Claims Monkey Bowled Perfect Game, Jad Fair & Yo La Tengo
Little World, Christy & Emily
Cave, Christy & Emily
Morning Dreams, Haruko
Goodbye My Love, Goodbye, Haruko
Sundowners, Christy & Emily
Beast, Christy & Emily
Super Hero, Susie Asado
Mexico, Susie Asado
Autumn, Golden Trees, Haruko
Welcome To Loveland, Haruko
This Is My Address, Susie Asado
Hello Antenna, Susie Asado
The Dragon’s Tears, Haruko
The Mountain Adventure, Haruko

Tracklist 23.02.11

Another Man, John Leyton
Rhineland (Heartland), Beirut
In The Mood, Klaus Wunderlich
One Minute Blackout, Kazofumi Miyazawa
Living Is Easy, Dream Police
Fish Necklace, Das Wanderlust
Track 10, Lovely Eggs
Uranian Wind, Steven Wray Lobdell
I Gotta Be Goin’, Playgue
The Mooseheart Faith – Firefly, Eyesore (Various)
Sweet Pea Curtains, Das Wanderlust
Track 5, Lovely Eggs
Mountain Dew, Ween
Ich hab die ganze Nacht nur noch an dich gedacht — Roma, Roma, Roma — Bella Italia, Klaus Wunderlich
Theme From A Fistful Of Dollars, Ennio Morricone
Midwinter Carol For Yamaha Ice Block, Das Wanderlust
Track 1, Lovely Eggs
02 save_my_soul, wimple winch
Aries The Ram, Arab Strap
VIP (Canta Herbert Pagani), Franco Godi
The City Surveyor, Pram
Fire Poem, The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown
How Does It Feel To Feel, The Creation
Feelin’, Reelin’, Squealin’, Soft Machine
This Wheel’s On Fire, Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity
People You Were Going To, Van Der Graaf Generator
Reality, Second Hand
Puppet On A Chain, Piero Piccioni
Magis Mirror, Aphrodite’s Child
Psychedelic Mood, Piero Piccioni
Meadow Meal, Faust

Tracklist 02.02.11

Watermelon Frappe, Papaye
Ghost Riders In The Sky, Burl Ives
Ghost Riders In The Sky, Davie Allan & The Arrows
Ghost Riders In The Sky, The Ventures
Faster, SHUB
Cheval Telescopique, Papaye
Flight of the Bumble Bee, Jean Jacques Perrey
Mr Bee’s Bumble, The Residents
Bumble bee rock, The Ventures
Bumblebee, Ween
The Green Hornet (Flight of the Bumblebee), Billy May
Hummelflug, Klaus Wunderlich
Mouvement Introductif, Yann Tiersen
Rose Coloured Windscreen, Kim Salmon
Filling Station Fix, Luxurious Bags
Track 10, Lovely Eggs
i’m glad (66 demo), Captain Beefheart
Half Past One, CAN
Blast Off, Cycle
Blast Off!, The Monks
Welcome To Loveland, Haruko
The Mountain Adventure, Haruko
Susie Asado, Susie Asado
Hello Antenna, Susie Asado
Hyperbolic, Pendler
Santiago, The Kabeedies
Too Huge, Pendler
Track 5, Lovely Eggs
ThePath, SHUB
robert lyod radio,
Au 12, Marvin
Post Res Tarantella Pt.2, Pendler
Track 1, Lovely Eggs
Goodbye My Love, Goodbye, Haruko

Tracklist 19.01.11

Isolation, loss of head
Isolation, Joy Division
Isolation, Joy Division
Isolation, Lea W. Frey
Au 12, Marvin
Keith Kessler, Don’t Crowd Me
Here come the warm Jets, Marvin
Jag vill ha en frånskild kvinna, M.A. Numminen
Cover Girl, Michael Cox
Donovan – Sunshine Superman, Simply the Best of the 60′s
OIL & Water, Haco
Something’s Comin’, The Dee Tees
Into Yr World, Azalia Snail
High-Class Love, Strobe Talbot
Sukaina, The Ex And Tom Cora
Blue Arrows, Mick Harvey
Titel 03,
The Dreaded Lovelies, Earthlings?
Barbed – Through The Barricades,
How Is It Done, The Riot Squad
I Come from an Island, Snakefinger
Null Tributary, Thread
Reverberation, The Jesus and Mary Chain
Little Cream Soda, The White Stripes
Wenn Du Denkst Du Denkst …, Juliane Werding
12 Snow White’s Dream,
Very, Very Hungry, Brian Eno & David Byrne
Sequence Seven, Anton Garcia Abril & Marcello Giombini


Lovely Eggs:
Susie Asado:
Die Pendler:

Tracklist 12.01.11

Well, Captain Beefheart
Zig Zag Wanderer, Captain Beefheart And His Magi
Ah Feel Like Ahcid, Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
New Electric Ride, Captain Beefheart
Kiss Me (Outtake), Captain Beefheart
autumn´s child, Capt.Beefheart&HMB
Electricity, Captain Beefheart And His Magi
Veteran’s Day Poppy, Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
Love Lies, Captain Beefheart
dropout boogie, Capt.Beefheart&HMB
Safe As Milk, Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band
kandy korn(s.p.), Capt.Beefheart&HMB
China Pig, Captain Beefheart
Beasley Street, John Cooper Clarke
Jinx (Choral Version), Tuxedomoon
I Predict, Pressurehed
Let There Be More Light, Pressurehed
Ruby, Silver Apples
Lam Toey Chaweewan, Chaweewan Dumnern
Song Of Decision, Emily
Wan Maha Sanook, Plearn Promdan
Soul Lam Plearn, The Petch Phin Thong Band
(I Married A) Monster From Outer Space, John Cooper Clarke
Contrasong, Egg
Carukesi, Bela Fleck, V.M.

Bhatt, Jie-Bing Chen

Keoma, Guido e Maurizio De Angelis
Kai Tom Yum, Kawaw Siang Thong
Evidently Chickentown, John Cooper Clarke
Magician In The Mountain, Sunforest
Valley Of The Lost Women, John Cooper Clarke
Steal The World, Darryl Way’s Wolf
Heart Of A Teenage Girl, Georges Chakiris
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